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Retardant and Suppresant Computerised Automated Loading



The RASCAL is an Australian designed and built system for the loading of LAT and SEAT aircraft.

The unit is fully automated and uses a standard iPad or Android tablet interface to simplify operation. It consists of a Metering System and Control Platform that is solar powered for versatility. Optional trash pumps both electric and diesel are available to work in unison with the system to provide accurate and reliable control of your loading operations. The system is designed to be mobile and easy to manage to allow for rapid deployment for temporary/seasonal bases as required. The units have inbuilt protection and pressure control to provide safe operation for both aircraft and personnel. The Metering System can be used with existing pumping solutions and is capable of automated stop and start for ease of use.

The RASCAL allows the pilot to order a load while in the air and enables the ground crew to receive advance notice of requirements prior to the arrival of the designated aircraft. On the ground, the system automatically loads the correct volume of retardant and/or suppressant onto the aircraft and records the loads and product usage providing automated day sheets.

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Rascal Features

Central Reporting System

will allow for the connection and visualisation of all operations state-wide through a central graphical interface. It will allow real time access to each of the sites via a highly secure tier 1 datacentre and a proprietary secure connection.

Automated Day Sheets

RASCAL batches each requested load to the required aircraft or road transport asset as determined by the operator. Each loads details are automatically captured and recorded locally in a secure database. This information can then be used to generate automated day sheets which will improve accuracy on stock movement and reduce the clerical load on airbase managers.

GEL and Foam dosing

In addition, The RASCAL system can be used for dosing Gel and foam via a separate blending connection. This ensures accurate gel and foam quantities are loaded on the required aircraft.

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